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Chesterfield Sofa Custom Made for You - the way you always wanted it to be

There is nothing more special than something unique. A brand New Year 2018 has just taken off and a handful of resolutions resonates in the air. We all want to become more and for that we have prepared big plans to make it happen. 
But what if all you need this time is to take it easy, relax more and enjoy better all those tiny pleasures of life whether with family, friends or even better, only with yourself.
Having discovered that special handmade touch, that moment where you let your imagination go crazy and the instant eternity seems to connect with your own space. You are almost there, in the centre of your own universe thanks to your "kind of" time machine - your uniquely handmade Chesterfield Sofa.
Because we believe that there are things which should stay unique.

Sofá Chesterfield hecho a medida para Ti, como siempre querías que fuera.
No hay nada más especial que algo realmente único. El Año Nuevo 2018 acaba de despegar y con él un puñado de resoluciones todavía …

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